Wells Auto MuseumIf you love classic and antique cars, you’ll definitely want to take a short trek south from our Maine Coast Bed and Breakfast to visit Wells Auto Museum. You’ll need to coordinate your visit, though – Wells Auto Museum is currently only open 9 days a year!

Wells Antique Auto Museum is located just 14 minutes south of us in Wells, ME. The museum collection contains over eighty Brass Era and classic vehicles, spanning over a century of automotive history. From an 1894 Wulfmuhler motorcycle to a 1982 Delorian DMC-12. This is not to mention the collection of antique arcade games, nickelodeons, memorabilia, and other items of historical interest.

The museum was started by Glen Gould, a traveling salesman who was always on the lookout for old cars to acquire and restore. He got the bug when he was able to restore a 1910 E2 Stanley Steamer his uncle had given him back to working order.

Gould eventually had enough cars for a museum and opened his first in Meredith, NH. He continued to find cars and, by the late 70’s, the collection had outgrown its Meredith location. Gould found a better space in Wells, ME –  where it has been ever since.

The museum used to have more regular hours but after the Gould’s passed away, it must’ve become harder to keep the museum staffed. Despite the many rumors online, the museum is not permanently closed. It’s just open very, very rarely.

Visiting Wells Auto Museum

Wells Antique Auto Museum is located at 1181 Post Rd, Wells, ME 04090. The scheduled open days for 2019 are: June 22-23, July 20-21, August 3-4, & August 31 to September 2.

Though the museum doesn’t have a website, it does have a Facebook page.

There may be some temptation to think a museum that is only open 9 days a year and doesn’t have a website can’t be much. That temptation would be a mistake. I would counter that the limited availability only makes this Maine Coast attraction that much rarer, and thus special.

The museum collection includes many rare and unique pieces.

There’s the un-chopped 1918 Stutz Bearcat, for example. There are also four Pierce-Arrows, including an unrestored 1936 12-cylinder roadster. Other standouts include the 1916 Adams race car, a 1908 International Hi-Wheeler, a 1929 Willys Night, and a 1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1, to name just a few.

The museum also has several vintage motorcycles, like the 1949 Whizeer. The previously mentioned vintage games, nickelodeons, and music boxes you’ll find around the museum are all in working order.

The Reserve at Laudholm Park is along the route to the museum and also well worth your attention.

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