Kennebunkport Lobster TourLooking for that quintessential Maine experience? Get out on the water with a Kennebunkport lobster tour! Lobster boat tours are a great way to see Maine’s scenic coastline from the water as well as learn about the lobster fishing process from a pro.

Along the Maine coast, lobster is king – but that wasn’t always the case. Once considered a “poverty food,” lobsters were captured by hand from tide pools and fed mainly to children, prisoners, and indentured servants. Some servants even had it put into their contracts that they would not be forced to eat lobster more than three times a week!

Eventually we came around and the rest is history – Maine history! Lobster trap fishing began here around 1850 and today Maine is the largest lobster-producing state in the nation. Some choose to enjoy the Maine lobster experience through a tasty and traditional lobster roll – an angle that can be hard to argue with.

If you’re looking for something a touch more immersive, however, you just about can’t beat a Kennebunkport lobster tour.

A Kennebunkport lobster tour will introduce you to the fascinating history and process of Maine lobster fishing. You’ll see the tools of the trade, learn the best waters for catching lobster, and see how they are caught.

If you want a Maine lobster boat tour experience, you’ll be happy to hear that Kennebunkport has a couple of ways to get out on the water.

Kennebunkport Lobster Tour

Rugosa Lobster
Rugosa offers the only hands-on lobster boat tour in Kennebunkport that is hosted on a traditional, wooden Downeast-style lobster boat. Sit back and enjoy the show or roll your sleeves up and join in!

Kylie’s Chance Scenic Lobster
Kylie’s Chance operates one of the areas largest touring ships, a 65 foot boat built for just for lobster tours. One third of the seating provides cover from the sun.

Both companies offer 1.5 hour lobster tours of the Kennebunk River and coastline from May to October, weather permitting. If you’d like to book a tour, simply follow the links provided above. Alternately, you can always let us here at Captain Jefferds Inn know what it is that you’d like to do and we can set it up for you!

Kennebunkport Lodging
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