In a place like Kennebunkport, one thing you can be assured of is that there is a lot of history to the area. Going to modern shops of historic roads can be fun and educational at the same time. Having history all around is one of the main reasons we at The Captain Jefferds love the area. Not only is our own B&B a historic building but much of the area is as well. One type of history we are well known for is maritime history. So many people came through our harbors to buy, sell, and trade that our local culture is full of stories. This year, the town has put together a fun and interesting maritime festival to celebrate it. Let’s have a look at how LAUNCH, a maritime festival, will be worth a visit.


Kennebunkport Maritime Festivals

All over the state of Maine, there are maritime festivals to not only celebrate our history but educate those as well. This will be the first year for LAUNCH and we are so excited about it. This maritime festival will be held June 17th-19th and there will be a host of fun activities on each day for you to enjoy. Let us highlight a few:

  1. Clam Jam– This will be on Friday from 4pm to 7pm at the Seafood Center of Maine in Arundel. This will be a family friendly event with jump castles, face painting, and of course plenty to eat!
  2. Rock the Boat– On Saturday, there will be a VIP party that will have live music, champagne and a bit of food. Tickets will go fast as this will be a front row seat to the boat parade.
  3. Walking Tours– While you are around town, be sure to have a look out for the many historic walking tours that will be available.
  4. Brewery Tour– If you are looking for a bit of lunch and a great beer, then be sure to head to Federal Jack’s. They will offer brewery tours each day as well be open to the public for food and drinks.

 When we have these great town-wide festivals, finding a place to stay can be a bit tricky. Any time you are in Kennebunkport, consider staying with us at Captain Jefferds Inn. Like we mentioned before, our B&B has its own wonderful history but is also conveniently located close to town and all of these events. Our updated rooms are decorated in a simple and elegant Maine style. Our comfortable beds are topped with luxurious linens that will help lull you into a quick sleep. Before you start your day, join everyone for a great breakfast. Contact us today and make plans to attend the first LAUNCH maritime festival this summer.

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