Kennebunkport Area Lighthouses - Nubble Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse

People give hundreds of reasons to visit the Maine coast but one of the more popular is: lighthouses! Maine has plenty of these iconic structures and Kennebunkport is no exception. If you’re interested in visiting one or more of the many Kennebunkport area lighthouses, read on!

There’s nothing quite like a lighthouse to perk up a coastline. Even the most beautiful stretch of beach looks that much better with a tall light towering over it. That’s certainly true of Kennebunkport area lighthouses, anyway. Taking a lighthouse tour is an awesome experience. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss it – but even lighthouses closed to the public are fascinating, photogenic, and so worth the time to visit.

There are seven lighthouses within easy reach of the Kennebunks, including Maine’s oldest lighthouse, the Portland Head Light. Follow along below as we outline several Kennebunkport area lighthouses.

Lighthouses Near Kennebunkport

Goat Island
The Goat Island Light is located in Cape Porpoise Harbor and has the distinction of being the Kennebunks’ only local lighthouse. The light is best viewed from the Cape Porpoise Pier, less than 10 minutes from Captain Jefferds Inn. You can also visit the light by boat during high summer tides. Goat Island is owned and managed by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, as are all of the islands surrounding Cape Porpoise. Everyone is free to explore the property and climb the lighthouse for the fantastic view!

Wood Island
The Wood Island Light is located in Saco Bay, off the coast of Biddeford Maine, and less than a half hour’s drive from our Kennebunkport B&B. Wood Island Light is active and Maine’s second oldest lighthouse, after the Portland Head Light. Lighthouse tower and keeper’s house tours are available during July and August.

The Nubble Light is one of the most famous and photographed lighthouses in Maine. It is an active light, so closed to the public, but that doesn’t make it any less photogenic! It is also notable as a clear-day vantage point from which to see Boon Island Lighthouse. Nubble Lighthouse is located on a small, rocky island at the end of Nubble Point in York, about 45 minutes south of Captain Jefferds Inn.

Boon Island
Boon Island Lighthouse is located six miles offshore in York Harbor. On clear days, the 132 foot tall tower can be seen from York Harbor Beach or Sohier Park at Nubble Lighthouse. The Boon Island Light, constructed in 1811, is still active.

Cape Elizabeth Two Lights State
Two Lights State Park is named for its beauitful, twin lighthouses. While neither of the lights are open to the public and only one remains active, the park remains a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. Two Lights State Park includes the active, Eastern light, a World War II-era bunker, and a fire control tower. The park also provides sweeping views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic. Two Lights State Park is less than an hour north of our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast.

Kennebunkport Area Lighthouses - The Portland Head Light

The Portland Head Light is Maine’s oldest lighthouse.

Portland Head
The Portland Head Light, commissioned by President George Washington in 1791, is Maine’s oldest lighthouse. The tower is located in Fort William Park, Cape Elizabeth, and is less than an hours drive north of Captain Jefferds Inn. The Portland Head Light is a fully automated, functioning, lighthouse, so no tours but the attached museum, housed in the former lightkeepers’ quarters, more than makes up for that.

The Whaleback Light is Maine’s southern-most lighthouse. It was built in 1872 and is still active, marking the entry to the Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, Maine harbors. Whaleback Light is located on a rocky outcrop, south of Wood Island in Kittery, less than an hour from our Maine coast B&B. While this historic, 50-foot high, granite lighthouse is not open to the public, the tower can be seen from many vantages along the shoreline.

Kennebunkport Area Lighthouses

There are a variety of ways to see Maine’s beautiful lighthouses. Self-guided driving tours are often the simplest and make for a variety of fun day-trips from our Kennebunkport inn. Lighthouse cruises and tour companies are also a good option, as they can often offer tours and views unavailable to the casual motorist.

If you’d like to see one or more of the Kennebunkport area lighthouses during your stay at Captain Jefferds Inn, let us know and we’ll help direct you towards the lighthouse tour option that best suits you!